The family wine business; authentic and real everyday

We at Schild Estate are very pleased to introduce our new website to you all. People may ask, “why is that exciting?”. To us at Schild Estate it maps out our evolution from humble beginnings to the continual growth we have seen, and an exciting way of showing all of you what our little piece of Barossa dirt can do each year.

Behind our success and process is the family and our team; over the next couple of months I would like to introduce the people of Schild Estate Wines to all of you. Firstly, I would like to introduce the family to you.


This is my family from left to right Ed, current patriarch, Michael, Head Vigneron (keeper of all things in the vineyard, Leanne, Export & Logistics, ensuring that you all receive the wine that you require in the quickest and best time, Judy, Brand Ambassador, telling the stories of Schild Estate and lastly Lorraine, boss of Ed. Here is our family and we are proud to be able to bring you our wine and stories and we would like to thank you all for your support over the course of our journey.


This is how we make it real each and every day at Schild Estate we are there in our various roles making this work. Michael and his boys in the vineyard tendering the vines each day, month and year to produce the consistent quality that you have all come to expect each time you open a bottle.

Leanne and I in the winery during the week or me out and about telling the story ever more to spread the word. If you haven’t come into cellar door, please come in one day and just ask to say hello to either Leanne or I and we would love to say hello. Then of course there is Ed and Lorraine and as they approach there twilight years their wisdom and guidance is what keeps this all moving in the right direction.

KellyChampion 21

So the question in this fast pacing world we all live can we deliver the authentic and real product to you. We give you this as a way of showing what we as a family has known for 60 + years that when you care and work the lands of the generations before you the result is always going to be authentic and real.

Storyteller, Judy