Keeping the world of Selling Real and Authentic

Is change rapidly occurring around us, or are we just along for the ride of natural progression? Interesting question, we have created a small family brand in a quiet and peaceful area of South Australia called the Barossa Valley. We have been involved in the daily workings of the Barossa for 150 years, but we only started making small amounts of wine from certain parcels of our vineyard in the last two decades or so. The idea behind this was to take the best of what we can grow on our vineyards, and make them into wine that we can share with you all.


What started as an ambitious dream, involved renovating an old building from a bank into a cellar door in the southern Barossa township of Lyndoch. It was a hit, so we decided to see if people who lived in the local surrounds of South Australia would like our wine. After the success of our wine in our own backyard,  we decided to take it to other parts of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane and even Darwin. While it was a hard journey, it paid off in spades – we have sold wine in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Wow! its sometimes hard to believe that our amazing wine from our little piece of Barossa dirt is now spread around the world.


‘How did we do it?’ I have been asked that on a number of occasions. Right from the beginning the idea was to make wine from some of the best parcels of our vineyard and share it with you. Dad to me, or Ed to you, has been growing fruit as a second generation vigneron for 60 years, and has always known that he had the privilege to own and tend to some unique vineyards with the ability to produce outstanding wines. Ed wanted to share that, and we, the third generation understood. We have continued to share the message, that Ed had to keep our wines real and authentic. In 2011 we changed our image branding to better reflect this message. The most iconic of these images is the label on the Barossa Shiraz, Ed’s hands.



It shows the dirt of the vineyards he has toiled with all his working life, running through his aged and weary hands. His connection to what he holds is true and real, the soil of the southern Barossa.


So now the question is ‘how can we move forward, and keep up with life and demands of what the modern wine consumer is demanding?’ We have been busily creating something over the last couple of years here in Australia, and we are now taking it to the world. Allowing people to buy the wine directly from us, whether it is here in Australia or with friends around the world.


We have in the last month started a new and exciting project in Canada. We have some Canadian friends that we have been working with for over 10 years, and we try to visit them regularly – but how do we keep up the contact year round? We now have a webstore serving the Canadian public direct, and we keep it real. You talk directly to us, not somebody who is working for us. The best part is, it means you can purchase all your wine from the comfort of your lounge. It is us, real and authentic, Barossa born and bred and proud of what the Schild family, our family has been able to do over three generations.