We're changing our ways

A Change for the Best - Bottle Changes for Schild Estate

We've had a long, hard look at ourselves and it's time to make some changes. Beginning with the 2018 vintage wines many of our bottles will now be lighter-weight, shorter and friendlier. 

The wines inside will remain the same premium quality wines that you know and love as will the delicious 750ml quantity.

Why the sudden change? 

First and foremost, at Schild Estate, we have a genuine commitment to being as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. This starts in our vineyards and continues through to our finished products. These lighter bottles are more sustainable in their production and much easier to be more efficiently recycled. 

Secondly, as much as we like to stand out from the crowd, we heard the feedback loud and clear. Tall bottles are awkward on a retail shelf and in a carefully curated wine rack or fridge. Nothing makes our hearts break more than hearing about a Schild Estate Shiraz not fitting in. 

Lastly, we have issues with our weight. If we're honest we've needed to shed a few kilograms for a while now. It's better for everyone if we do. These new bottles shed a good 20% off our body weight and we feel much better for it. This makes it much easier and more cost and energy efficient to transport.

The 2018 Barossa Valley Shiraz will be first off the bottling line.

If you have any concerns or require more information don't bottle up your thoughts. Get in touch by emailing us atpurebarossa@schildestate.com.auor give us a call on 08 8524 5560