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Privileges Wine Club

You will receive 24 bottles of wine as selected by us, split with 6 bottles being delivered quarterly.

A selection of wines chosen from our range that are matched perfectly to the season and great for entertaining.

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Special Wine Release

PRÄMIE Special Release 2013 Shiraz

Every so often there are parcels of wine that generate tremendous excitement amongst the winemakers at Schild Estate.

We set this aside to make PRÄMIE, the wine that defines the best of the vintage and the land on which it was grown.

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Since 1952, the Schild family have lived and worked in the Southern Barossa, growing grapes and creating wines with authenticity and passion, from real Barossa earth, in a place they call home.

Moorooroo Limited Release Shiraz is a wine that represents everything the family hold dear. The wine has historical significance, it is a variety the Barossa is best known for and it comes from a vineyard cared for by generations of Barossa families. History, wine and family are the backbone of the Schild brand and that is what has kept our customers so loyal to the Schild Estate brand. We take pleasure in sharing our heritage with our customers because they feel more connected with the Barossa and the people who live there. In turn this enables them to appreciate more thoroughly the wine they are drinking.